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No Data Transmission Mistakes.


Integrated  Opti Feed Mix (OFM) – Laboratory Decision Maker (LDM) Solution

OFM-LDM allows an organised bridge from ingredient evaluation to formulation.  The objective (and result) of having OFM-LDM system is that there is a vehicle for the flow of information from sampling point (the NIR / Lab) right through to formulation with little manual intervention.  

  •  LDM can export the information so it can be used by the Formulation Programs.  This means one can maintain data in LDM and select appropriate data to do statistical analysis. Also one can maintain the nutrient equations in LDM, and, not in the Formulation Programs.
  • This data is exported in summary form so that the nutritionist is able to look at the averages and variances compared to current value before upload to formulation
  • As more effective samples flow through the system with minimal manual intervention, the accuracy of the feed formula increases as it is based on accurate and current information.

Rapid sample analysis and integrated formulation system allows nutritionists

To change their diet formulation

Adjust ingredient safety margins

Monitor feed mill efficiency by correlating formulated diets to the actual diet nutrient value

Minimizing over- and under-formulating diets

Compare between Feed Lab Analysis and OFM Formula Values



Opti Feed Mix Formulation (OFM)

OFM is foundation of Solutions. Nutrients, ingredients, costs, and formulas are maintained here.
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Laboratory Decision Maker (LDM)

This program is designed to work in conjunction with least cost feed formulation programs.
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SSI Custom Tools

SSI Custom Tools for enhanced efficiency and data management. Export and Import Stored Formula, Specification, Ingredients, Ingredient Equations and Ingredient Prices  to Microsoft Excel (XL) and Generate a formatted  report with logo and  easy to view comparative reports. Usage report  for all plants combined or by plant in XL. Pricing  Report  to set up margins, equations to calculate formula prices and report. Medicated Add on to allows user to create one or more medicated formula  or derived versions of formula from a single optimized Formula (base formula).