Laboratory Decision Maker

LDM is a bridge between the NIR analyzer and least cost feed formulation systems such as OFM Feed Formulation


This program is designed to work in conjunction with least cost feed formulation programs. Laboratory analysis data may be entered manually, or by down-loading data from a Near Infra Red spectrophotometer (NIR). When only Proximate Analysis data is available, the program will use resident regression equations to estimate the Total and Digestible Amino Acids, Metabolizable Energy for Poultry (MEp), and Digestible, Metabolizable and Net Energies for Swine (DEs, MEs, NEs).  The program will calculate the Average Value (Avg), Standard Deviation (Std) and Margin of Safety Value (MOS) for each group of selected ingredient samples. Accurate state of knowledge about one’s ingredients is a key component of producing a good feed the first time

LDM provides for archiving laboratory historical data and retrieving it for future analysis and use

Imports data directly from Foss, Perten, Bruker and Excel Files.

User can add and define up to 500 nutrients in addition to the 200 system defined nutrients

Non-numeric values such as color, consistency, etc. may also be stored

Ingredients may be classified into groups such as energy or protein or any other group defined by the user

Proximate analysis data is handled by resident regression equation or user defined overlay equations that estimate total and digestible amino acids, metabolizable energy for poultry (MEP), digestible, metabolizable and net energies for seine (DES,MEs, NEs). Amino acid data determined by NIR analysis is imported directly.

LDM has a set of 70 Nutrient Equations for over 60 ingredients or, one can get the Set of Equations from a trusted source and add to LDM or also adjust values calculated by LDM equations

Samples can be selected for analysis by location, date received, supplier, or any combination of the preceding

Ingredient definition includes method of analysis for each nutrient, memo section for specific information about the nutrient or ingredient and cost analysis

LDM analysis data (MOS, Variance) can be imported directly to Formulation System or a text output file can be used to import to Formulation system

With the direct import to Formulation system user can see absolute and percentage value difference between LDM and formulation data.